№6 Apartments

For those who like to relax in comfort at the resort Arcadia, our mini-hotel offers Spinach incredibly cozy apartments, which are free to accommodate four people.

The apartments, which you can order inexpensive to rest in Odessa, consist of two rooms, a kitchen and elegant living area. The total area of ​​this room is 43 square meters, it allows four animals to fully accommodate in it and feel at home. It's like you give a pleasant interior, which is designed to meet modern tastes and needs of our guests. But the comfortable terrace that is close to the sea, will not let you forget that you come to enjoy the warm sun and gentle Black Sea.

Returning to the facilities, where we can say with certainty that this apartment is fully furnished. The bedroom has a huge bed for two people, it is comfortable, thanks to orthopedic mattresses and natural bedclothes your sleep will be easy and calm. Also in the bedroom has a separate TV, which at any moment, you can see a satellite TV. The living room is also a double sofa book, it is easily decomposed and no less comfortable than a bed. Several closets and cabinets can be used for storage of personal belongings in the room also has a plasma TV. Mini bar is not included in the expense of the order number.

In this room there is a possibility to prepare their own meals, as it has its own kitchen with a stove and a refrigerator, an electric kettle. Also, kitchen furniture and equipment included. If cooking on vacation you are too lazy on the ground floor there is a magnificent restaurant where you can enjoy delicious dishes of European cuisine and not only.

The bathroom is also well equipped with all necessary elements, including the towels and toiletries.

Generally, each room, which is included in this room, filled with the most necessary things that make your life easier. In addition, this soundproofed room. Every day, the number of service personnel so that the place where you are temporarily resides, will cause extremely clean and pleasant. Also from our hotel provided laundry and ironing.

So, for a reasonable price you can get almost royal apartment accommodation, where you pleasantly remembered forever.

It offers:

  • Room service;

  • Mini-bars in the rooms;

  • Concierge services;

  • Business center 24 hours;

  • Laundry / dry cleaning;

  • Wi - Fi;

  • Satellite television;

  • «Шпинат» Restaurant;

Reservations can be made through our

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We are waiting for you at the address below! We remind you that the check-in to our hotel is through the main entrance of Arcadia, from the side of Genuezskaya street.